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Mrs. Amanda Callahan’s 3rd grade class at WDE explored this week’s character trait - Love of Learning - by completing a STEM project about the strength of cylinders. The class asked the question, “How many books will one piece of paper hold, when it is rolled into a cylinder?” Students were amazed at how strong a paper cylinder could be! One group was able to stack 16 books!


Liam Lewis and Paislee Hannah from Mrs. Donna Timmons’ Kindergarten Class at West DeFuniak Elementary enjoyed working together on a STEM project to encourage building and balancing.  Students were asked to discover ways to make a “balance”.  The students had one cup, one popsicle stick and one box of candy to use to make their “balances”.  

Fourth and fifth grade students at WDE got to experience what it is like to be in an aquifer.  They visited the Water Ventures trailer with guides Carly Todd and Julianne Werts.  Students learned about Florida’s 900 springs, Florida’s ecosystems, all about the water cycle as well as experiencing hands on activities.  Students also learned about water conservation and how they can do their part to help save the Earth’s water supply and protect Florida’s natural resources.    


Guest Teacher at West DeFuniak

February 27, 2019

Mrs. Shannon Seigler, a Walton County District Reading Coach, visited 5th grade classes at WDE to teach a short strategy lesson on summarizing using section shrinking. The students worked in groups using the strategy to determine two or more main ideas of the text "Are Phones Making Us Zombies?" and to then summarize. The students enjoyed having a guest teacher and learning the new strategy for summarizing. Thank you Mrs. Seigler!

Chautauqua Hosts Free Events

January 26, 2019

The Chautauqua Winter Assembly will have many free activities available in DeFuniak Springs, January 24 - 27, 2019.  For more information go  

Controlled Open Enrollment

January 11, 2019

Applications are now available for parents who are considering enrolling their children in a school other than their zoned school.

Students at West DeFuniak Elementary enjoyed a performance of Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Snow Queen”  presented by the Atlantic Coast Theatre.  Special thanks to the Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation for making this experience possible.  Submitted by Darlene Paul

West DeFuniak Elementary would like to congratulate Ms. Teresa Macias for being chosen as Educational Support Person of the Year.  Ms. Macias is a bilingual interpreter for our school where she has worked for the last eight years.


Prior to coming to WDE, Ms. Macias was an interpreter and translator in several settings in Mexico.  One of her positions involved translating instruction manuals for electronic governors for a small industrial maintenance company. 


Several of Ms. Macias’s family members work in the academic field.  Her paternal grandmother was a teacher, her cousin is a college professor, and another family member is an advisor in a university in Mexico City.  Her nephew has a school where adults prepare to obtain degrees and certifications in programs sponsored by their employers. 


Ms. Macias enjoys assisting the hard-working teachers and students at WDE as well as facilitating the communication between parents and teachers.  Ms. Macias says, “I am grateful because I continuously learn from all of them.”


Congratulations to Ms. Macias our Educational Support Person of the Year.  Pictured with Ms. Macias is Mrs. Darlene Paul, Principal of West DeFuniak Elementary.