Dress Code

A student's wearing apparel and grooming shall be the responsibility of the individual student and his or her parents or guardian. Dress and grooming shall be clean, healthy and safe and shall not be permitted to disrupt the teaching/learning environment.

Schools may choose to encourage students to wear appropriate shirts of the school color(s) to foster a healthy school environment and team spirit. In schools where the Board has approved uniform dress policies specific to the school, such policies will include the following dress and grooming policy.  For students, appropriate and acceptable dress includes:

Elementary Only

a) Pants, jeans, long slacks, or capris (below the knee)

b) Shorts, skirts and dresses that are at the knee

c) Shirts that cover the midriff, but no spaghetti straps, halters or backless shirts allowed

d) All visible garments including layered garments, must be in accordance with the dress code.

e) Shoes will be worn at all times. No heels or platform shoes greater than one inch

f) Sunglasses, hats and other sun-protective wear will be allowed to be worn outside only.                  

UNALTERED school shirts (t-shirt or polo type) or polo type uniform dresses are required on the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL.  Only West DeFuniak Elementary shirts or polo type dresses in navy, gray or turquoise blue with screen prints and the embroidery design from approved vendors are allowed. 

The requirements of pants, slacks, shorts, skirts, dresses and shoes will be the same as outlined in the WALTON COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT 2020-2021 STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT which can be accessed at www.walton.k12.fl.us.  Students not meeting the Dress Code will be sent to the office where they will be given an alternative item of clothing to wear or parents will be contacted to bring appropriate clothing to the school.