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Second Graders had a “carnival” of a time with 2-step word problems. As you may know, these problems can be a little tricky (clown) or fishy (mermaid). You may need to be tough (bearded lady), use some muscle (strong woman) and a little magic never hurts (magician). However, sometimes you need to take charge (ring leader) because the answer is never clear (fortune teller).


WDE 2nd grade teachers flipped their classrooms to build an engaging, carnival-theme, environment for students to practice their 2-step word problems. Students rotated to different classrooms throughout the day. In each classroom, the teacher decorated their rooms and dressed as a carnival character. To make sure students stayed on task, each student received a carnival ticket and the teacher would hole punch their ticket if they followed directions during the lesson. At the end of the day, students turned in their ticket for a bag of popcorn.

West DeFuniak Elementary’s Bee Bops singing “What a Wonderful World” at the grand opening of the Pierce Family Children’s Advocacy Center on Friday, April 8th


5th graders participated in a reading strategy called “Table Top Twitter.” Students were able to read an excerpt from a passage with their group members and then “Tweet” their thoughts about what they read. Students were able to read each other’s comments and respond back to each other. Table Top Twitter is a great strategy for getting all students to interact with text and gives them a chance to share their thoughts about reading with each other.