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Students in third grade learned the difference between making an inference and an observation.  Students were asked to observe as the teacher presented them with what appeared to be a candle.  Students continued to observe as their teacher lit the "candle" and blew it out.  Next, they were asked to share what was observed.  After sharing out their observations, third graders were completely surprised when their teacher took a big bite of the candle and ATE IT!  The “candle” turned out to be a mozzarella stick with a sliver of almond as the wick.  This was the perfect opportunity for teachers to discuss the difference between an inference and an observation.  They learned that observations are based on facts or evidence gathered using the five senses.  Inference is based on their own reasoning and speculation.

We Don't Eat Our Classmates

August 29, 2019

WDE’s guidance counselor, Mrs. Dawn Barone, visited some first grade classrooms to read a book, We Don’t Eat Our Classmates. Throughout the story, she discussed the book with them and asked questions. Mrs. Barone reminded students to not only be their best academically but to also be the best, kindest friend that they can be!


Pictured: Mrs. Dawn Barone with Mrs. Sconiers’s first grade class

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Come on out and join us on Saturday, July 27, 2019 from 11 am to 1 pm at the Wee Care Park in DeFuniak Springs, Fl for the Back to School Splash Bash! 

The Walton County School District is excited to collaborate with the Walton County Sheriff's Office on this event! 

Backpacks will be provided on a "first come-first served" basis.  If you have any questions or need further information about the event, please contact Lt. James Pittman, Walton County School Resource Deputy Program, at (850) 892-1100, ext 5248

Wee Care Park - 552 Walton Road, DeFuniak Springs, Fl  32433

Learn more at:

School Times for WDE

July 9, 2019

WDE Parents and Students,

School times for the 2019-2020 school year are as follows:

7:20-7:45 Drop off and breakfast
7:20-4:00 School office open 
7:50 Instruction begins
7:50 Students arriving after this time will be considered tardy.
2:25 Dismissal for pick up and buses

Please help us share this information with parents of WDE students. Make sure you LIKE and FOLLOW our page for the latest updates.

Enjoy the rest of your summer! We will see you all in August!

Bealls Outlet in DFS will be collecting school supplies to stuff backpacks for students in need at WDE.

Collection bins will be located in the store from July 5 through July 31st.  We are thankful for the support from our community and this local business.

Students at West DeFuniak have been reading all year long!  We had a total of 414 students receive an AR shirt this year. We are so proud of their reading achievements. We know that when students read that they learn new vocabulary words, improve their comprehension skills, and they develop their imaginations. Way to go, students and keep reading this summer!!!!!!

Students at WDE enjoyed a Safety and Career Fair today. Students learned about the fire department, the forestry division, Chelco, mosquito control, the health department, McGruff the Crime Dog from the Crime Prevention Unit, and the canine unit from the Walton County Sheriff's Department. What a fabulous opportunity for hands-on learning for our students!

Students at West DeFuniak Elementary are diving into summer with new books. This week our school received a grant from the Dugas Family Foundation that allowed every student in our school to receive two free books from the book fair! The students loved picking out their books and immediately got busy reading them. We hope these books will help students maintain their reading gains during the summer months. We are thankful for the Dugas Family Foundation and Scholastic for providing these great resources!    

West DeFuniak Elementary hosted the First LEGO League Jr. Expo at the WISE Center Gym in DeFuniak Springs. There were sixteen FLL Jr. teams present representing grades 1-5 from five different schools. West DeFuniak had 9 teams present. During the year students focused on the Mission Moon theme. Students researched what they would need in order to live on the moon, how they would breathe, and other problems related to living on the moon. Then students built a moon base using their LEGO set and showed how they would solve one of the problems with living on the moon. Students used iPads to program at least one piece of their base to move. Students created a Show Me poster to share what they had learned with others. At the Expo, reviewers talked with each team about their project and noted the amazing thinking from students. One of the reviewers shared that one team learned that when astronauts drill into the moon that oxygen is released. That team built a drill as part of their moon base. They problem solved some issues with their drill such as the height and weight of the drill. (Great engineering skills!) Another reviewer noted that one team was having difficulty with their iPad. Another student offered to share their team's iPad and to help program it. (Great teamwork skills!) The Expo was a high energy event where teams were able to come together to share what they've learned this season. Special thanks to Mr. Rick Soria and Doolittle Institute for their sponsorship of our LEGO teams this season.


Walton Middle School Summer Bridge Program


FOR:  Incoming sixth graders (current fifth graders)


PURPOSE:  To jumpstart the 2019-20 school year with targeted and fun literacy activities


WHEN:  July 8-11, July 15-18, July 22-24 (8:00-12:00)


WHERE:  Walton Middle School


Current fifth graders at WDE, MSE, and MHS will soon receive flyers with more information about a tentative summer bridge program at WMS.  Interested parents can complete the form and return it to their children's teachers.  WCSD will likely provide bus transportation and no-cost lunch each day.  Please contact Kristen Nelson ([email protected]) at 850.892.1280, ext. 3487, if you have questions.  Interested students should reserve their spots byFriday, May 17th by returning their interest letter to their fifth grade teacher.