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Smart Device Class

March 15, 2018

Parents are invited to attend this FREE class to learn how to better protect our children in this digital age.
Jodi Howell from Walton Middle School visited WDE this week to speak with the upcoming 6th graders. The current 5th graders listened attentively to the many requirements, programs, elective classes, sports, and other topics that were discussed. Rayanna Griggs and Dreden were both acknowledged for being hardworking students, and each received their first WMS shirt! 
Students and faculty at West DeFuniak Elementary will benefit from an EPIC grant that they received from St. Joe Community Foundation.   Ms. Janet Piepul, Executive Director for the Foundation stopped by to present the check to Mrs. Tammy Goodman, Media Specialist and Mr. Rodney Free, Assistant Principal.  Several eager students were also available for the photo opportunity.  The $20,000 grant will be used for books, ebooks, and iPads for the library.  St. Joe Community Foundation provides grants to nonprofit agencies in Bay and Walton Counties in the areas of art, education, healthcare, and the environment.  In doing so the local communities are healthier and it is more enjoyable for the people who live and work in both counties.  WDE is thrilled to be able to receive this grant and to be able to provide these EPIC resources to our school.
In this engaging science lab, Mrs. Shani Hicks' fourth grade class at WDE explored food chains and webs by dissecting owl pellets! They found out that owls swallow their prey, and then regurgitate the fur and bones. Through this dissection, students were able to compare bones from their pellets to the bone chart to determine the types of prey owls feed on. By doing this, they were able to trace the flow of energy from the sun to producers and consumers, and classify owls in the food chain. 
WDE first and second grades enjoyed a performance on January 31stby the Atlantic Coastal Theater. The Atlantic Coastal Theater is an acclaimed professional touring theatre company based in Orlando, FL. Each year, the Atlantic Coastal Theatre performs hundreds of shows for students across the U.S.A. WDE students enjoyed watching the show entitled FLIGHT! Mankind has always been fascinated with the skies, the stars, and reaching new heights.  FLIGHT! combines creative staging, original music, & audience participation into a theatrical production that explores the stories of flight including the Wright Brothers, Amelia Earhart, The US/Soviet "Space Race", & NASA's many accomplishments.  Students were encouraged to think about the future of flight, and perhaps be inspired to become pioneers reaching for the stars themselves.
WDE students had a great time exploring games/activities on math and science night for K-2. Students were able to practice grade level skills through fun games and STEM projects. First grade students thought the STEM table was creative and engaging! 

Skateboard Science at WDE

January 26, 2018

Third and fifth grade students at WDE explored the science of skateboarding.  Pro skaters showed off their coolest moves and students helped to figure out how skateboarding works! The interactive presentation covered distribution of force, center of mass, center of gravity and inertia.  A special thanks to Mrs. Hope Allen for being our brave "volunteer."

As part of literacy week at WDE, Mrs. Goodman, librarian, hosted a book tasting event. First grade students were given the opportunity to "taste" fiction and nonfiction books. Students are now eager to visit the library and check out some of the books they tasted!

Mr. Nathan Hight and the 1st grade students of West DeFuniak Elementary recently entertained parents and teachers with their musical program called Teddy Bear Christmas.  The students wore teddy bear masks and even shared how Christmas would not be the same with one of their loved ones missing.  Santa arrived to everyone's delight and helped save the day.  Check out our Facebook page to view a portion of the program.

Merry Christmas from WDE

December 19, 2017

Students at West DeFuniak Elementary had a very special guest this afternoon. Merry Christmas from Santa, Officer Matthew Key, and all of the Staff at West DeFuniak Elementary.