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Second grade students at WDE enjoyed learning how to add three digit numbers with crackers (100), pretzels (10), and marshmallows (1).

Second grade students at WDE enjoyed making a Seminole headdress as part of their Native American unit.  Students imagined what it would be like to participate in a Seminole celebration.

4th Grade Science Fair Winners

December 16, 2015


1st Place:  "Oh Bacteria" Addie Cook

2nd Place:  "Greasy Foods" Raleigh Reed

3rd Place:  "How Does Caffeine Affect Plant Growth?"  Graison Dorr


1st Place:  "Breaking Strength of Boards" Chris Laird

2nd Place:  Bristle Bots" Aaron Wilmoth

3rd Place:  "Crystals" Audrey Nelson

5th Grade Science Fair Winners

December 16, 2015


1st Place:  "Handy Dandy Hand Models" Phylicia Hooks

2nd Place:  "Do Ants Prefer Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners?"  Fisher Gainey

3rd Place:  "Is Smokeless Tobacco Harmful?"  Cooper Douglass

Honorable Mention:  "How Do Different Colors Affect Blood Pressure?"  Gracie Wood


1st Place:  "Super Suds" Hannah Shoaf (Not pictured)

2nd Place:  "Soil and Water Evaporation" Matthew Wilson

3rd Place:  "Does Mint Really Cool?"  Christopher Leath

Honorable Mention:  "Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz" Brantley Betts

Honorable Mention:  "Force and Motion?"  Jaden Wallace

Honorable Mention:  "Which Brand of Gum Blows the Biggest Bubble?"  Laney Kelley (Not pictured)

Principal's Award:  "Garbage Plants" Kimberly Glenn

3rd Grade Science Fair Winners

December 16, 2015


1st Place:  "Keeping Up?"  Fisher Burgess

2nd Place:  "Does Mint Cool You Down?"  Lavaris Randle

3rd Place:  "Plants and Soils" Maya Abbott


1st Place:  "What is the Best Angle for a Catapult?"  John Grimes

2nd Place:  "Candy Eruption" Jacob Wood

3rd Place:  "Brawniest and Best Bag?"  Jackson Davis

Convoy of Hope

December 16, 2015

Thanks to a community outreach event sponsored by First Assembly of God Church in DeFuniak Springs through Convoy of Hope, students at West DeFuniak Elementary received new shoes.  The students were thrilled as volunteers from the church distributed the canvas shoes on December 14, 2015.  

K Kids Angel Tree Shopping

December 16, 2015

WDE K Kids 4th and 5th graders shopped for gifts for their 10 Angel Tree children!  The K Kids worked hard to raise the funds to be able to participate in this cause.  3rd grade K Kids also contributed by wrapping all of the gifts!  
WDE volunteer, Mrs. Becky Martin, treated kindergarten to The Elf on the Shelf.  The students loved their visit with the elf and getting to hear the book read aloud!

Congratulations to our 4th Grade Tropicana Speech School Competition winners!  1st and 2nd place winners will represent WDE at the District competition on December 3 at FHS.  

3rd place:  Christopher Laird

2nd place:  Raleigh Reed

1st place:  Steele Marshall