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WDE Celebrates Donuts with Dad

September 27, 2017

West DeFuniak welcomed a huge number of dads this morning for Donuts with Dads.  This year the dads visted the classrooms with their students and participated in activities such as reading an Accelerated Reader Book, working on Math problems on the computer, or even visiting the library with their child.   It was great to see so many dads today!


Integrity - doing the right thing even when no one is looking! Fifth grade student, Grady Schley, showed great character and integrity when he recently found $200 at West DeFuniak Elementary and turned it in! Later, the person who had lost it came looking for it, and the school was able to return it to them! Thank you, Grady, for having integrity! We are proud of you! Officer Key is thrilled to recognize Grady for setting such a great example!

Bandanas for Mrs. Barone

September 12, 2017

The faculty and staff of West DeFuniak Elementary rallied around their co-worker, Dawn Barone, who is currently undergoing chemo therapy treatments. Mrs. Barone's treatments have resulted in her losing her hair. As the guidance counselor, Mrs. Barone often speaks with students about their character. Today, our faculty and staff were able to teach about compassion by wearing bandanas to support Mrs. Barone! We ??you, Dawn! We're all in this together! #TeamBarone

School Will Be Open

September 11, 2017

School will be open tomorrow, September 12th. West DeFuniak Elementary will also have our previously scheduled Open House tomorrow night, September 12th at 5:30 p.m. for grades K-2.

Governor Scott Closes Schools

September 7, 2017

Governor Scott Closes All K-12 Public Schools, State Colleges, State Universities and State Offices to Begin Preparations Immediately


WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - Today, Governor Rick Scott is directing all public K-12 schools, state colleges, state universities and state offices to close Friday, September 8 – Monday, September 11.


Governor Scott said, “Today, I am directing the closure of all public schools, state colleges, state universities and state offices for their normal activities effective Friday through Monday, to ensure we have every space available for sheltering and staging. Floridians are facing a life-threatening storm in Hurricane Irma, and every family must prepare to evacuate. Our state’s public schools serve a vital role in our communities as shelters for displaced residents and staging areas for hurricane recovery efforts. Closing public schools, state colleges, state universities and state offices will provide local and state emergency officials the flexibility necessary to support shelter and emergency response efforts.”  


For detailed shelter information, visit

Matter, Matter, Everywhere

August 28, 2017

It is a solid...No, it is liquid....Watch out! It is a gas! Second grade students at West DeFuniak Elementary have had a great time learning about the three states of matter!
“Where do maggots come from?” Just ask one of our 5th grade scientists at West DeFuniak! Throughout the week, they have been busy practicing the steps of the scientific method as they observed three types of rotting meat.
WDE students enjoyed their Vocabulary Parade on Friday, October 28th.  From effervescent to governess, our students were not perplexed by all of the new words!  Thank you to all of the parents who came out to support our students in the parade.
First grade stuents at WDE thoroughly enjoyed the visit from the DeFuniak Springs Fire Department.  They were extremely excited to get to see the fire truck!  Students learned about how to Stop, Drop, and Roll.  "I learned that I need to crawl on my hands and knees if there is too much smoke," said Jeremiah Kennedy one of WDE's first grade students.