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Controlled Open Enrollment

January 11, 2019

Applications are now available for parents who are considering enrolling their children in a school other than their zoned school.

Students at West DeFuniak Elementary enjoyed a performance of Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Snow Queen”  presented by the Atlantic Coast Theatre.  Special thanks to the Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation for making this experience possible.  Submitted by Darlene Paul

West DeFuniak Elementary would like to congratulate Ms. Teresa Macias for being chosen as Educational Support Person of the Year.  Ms. Macias is a bilingual interpreter for our school where she has worked for the last eight years.


Prior to coming to WDE, Ms. Macias was an interpreter and translator in several settings in Mexico.  One of her positions involved translating instruction manuals for electronic governors for a small industrial maintenance company. 


Several of Ms. Macias’s family members work in the academic field.  Her paternal grandmother was a teacher, her cousin is a college professor, and another family member is an advisor in a university in Mexico City.  Her nephew has a school where adults prepare to obtain degrees and certifications in programs sponsored by their employers. 


Ms. Macias enjoys assisting the hard-working teachers and students at WDE as well as facilitating the communication between parents and teachers.  Ms. Macias says, “I am grateful because I continuously learn from all of them.”


Congratulations to Ms. Macias our Educational Support Person of the Year.  Pictured with Ms. Macias is Mrs. Darlene Paul, Principal of West DeFuniak Elementary.

Congratulations to our Teacher of the Year!

Congratulations to Mrs. Carla Sconiers for being selected Teacher of the Year at West DeFuniak Elementary. This is her 7th year of teaching. She did her student teaching in first grade at WDE and has been in first grade ever since! Mrs. Sconiers helps students want to learn by getting to know them and their interests. Her goal is to also make learning as fun as it can be! She strives to build students up and support them on a daily basis! When Mrs. Sconiers was asked about her classroom she said, "The children bless me more than I could ever bless them! I hope that my students leave me each year knowing 'Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.'" It is our privilege to recognize Mrs. Sconiers as Teacher of the Year!

Pictured with Mrs. Carla Sconiers is Mrs. Darlene Paul, Principal of West DeFuniak Elementary.

On Wednesday, December 11th, fourth and fifth grade classroom winners participated in the Schoolwide Tropicana Speaking Competition.  Parents, students, teachers, and judges were amazed by the well thought out speeches and the students' ability to present them to such a large group of people. Congratulations to each of these students!!!

Fourth Grade

1st place - Carli Nowling - My Annoying Niece and Nephew

2nd place - Isabella Adkinson - Being an Only Child, Kids' Tables Are Awful

3rd place - Kari Hanscome - The Man Walt Disney

Fifth Grade

1st place - Rhiannon Fountain - Remodel Gone Wrong

2nd place - Chandler Shoaf - How to Write a Tropicana Speech

3rd place - Gracelyn Daniel - Our Money Habits

First and second place winners from our school competition will represent West DeFuniak at the District Tropicana Speaking Contest on December 18th at Freeport High School.

Congratulations to all of our Science Fair Winners for 2018  2019 !!!

3rd Grade 


3rd Place:  “ Bubblicious”    (Fuentes)   Taylor Hutchinson 

2nd Place:   “Music & Dogs”           (Fuentes)                Savannah Waggoner 

1st Place:  “Hand Soap & Hand Sanitizer”     (Collins)          Lacey Alford  



3rd place: “Popcorn”    (Adkinson)Ashton Black  

2d place:  “Skittles”    (Byrd)                         Sheyla Morales 

1st place:  “Natural Sunlight vs Artificial”   (Collins)              Gracie Partridge 

4th Grade            


3rd Place:  “Germs are everywhere!”     (McLaney) Destiney Waggoner 

2nd Place:  “Daisies for Days”   (McLaney)             Carli Nowling        

1st Place:  “Everyone Needs Oxygen”      (Hicks)        Janki Patel 



Honorable Mention:   

Pucker Up”             (McLaney)  Raegan Wright 

3rd Place: “Which Brand of Popcorn Pops? (Daniel) Coleman Ray) 

2nd Place:  “The Devastating Earthquake”  (McLaney)  Cole Mitchell 

1st Place:  “How to Turn Milk Into Plastic”   (Hicks)        Riley Mann 


5th Grade    


Honorable Mention: 

Which Bail Catches the Most Fish?”           (Allen)     Wiley Adams 

 Camouflage       (Bush)     Payton Conroy     

3rd Place:  “Effects of Sugar on Plant Growth  (Currid)      Spence Spires 

2nd Place:  “Is the Grass Always Greener?”(Allen)     Rhiannon Fountain 


*1st Place:  “Music Affects”                                            (Currid)                  Camden Zodrow 

*1st Place: “Bacterial Culture Club”                              (Allen)                    Ava Susenbach 


5th Grade      


Honorable Mention: 

The Mighty Protector”(Garrett)Chelsey Robertson 

Orbeez Grow in What?” (Garrett))Avionnah Padgett 

“Freeze”                                                      (Currid)        Ethan Floyd 

“Gummy Bear Osmosis”                           (Tweedy)     Truitt Wilbur 

3rd Place: “Chemical Changes”               (Currid)      John Martin 

2nd Place:  Apple Oxidation”                 (Allen )       Chloe Appel 

1st Place:  “Voltaic Batteries”           (Stafford)Roger Coon 


Principal’s Award: 

“What’s in Your Water?”                         (Currid)        Kiley Brooks 



Sgt. James Stromenger highlighted the Veterans Day assembly Wednesday morning for West DeFuniak Elementary students. Sgt. Stromenger severed three years active duty in the Army and 12 years in the Alabama National Guard. He currently works as a sergeant at the Walton County Correctional Institute. Sgt. Stromenger reminded students of the importance of Veteran’s Day and serving others.  He also challenged students to spend time with a veteran on Veteran's Day.  Pictured are Sgt. James Stromenger and his wife Amber Stromenger, a teacher's aide at West DeFuniak Elementary.
West DeFuniak Elementary K-Kids ready Hurricane Michael Relief supplies for delivery to Cottondale High School for the communities of Cottondale and Alford.  K-Kids sponsored a schoolwide effort through “Pennies for the Panhandle”, Hat Day and Jeans Week for staff and raised over $1,100.  The funds generated for this service project were used to provide cleaning supplies, non-perishable foods, water and ice to help our neighboring communities during this time of recovery.   Special thanks to Tractor Supply Company for donating many of the buckets and Kyle McDonald for donating the ice.

WDE 5th Grade and Ghostly Hands

As an introductory experiment to the topic of matter, WDE 5th grade students mixed a solid (baking powder) and a liquid (vinegar) to make a gas. Students enjoyed seeing the reaction of the combined products which made their ghostly hand raise on its own. Students decorated the gloves beforehand, and this gave each of the ghostly hands a unique personality. This experiment was the opening introduction to their study on properties and states of matter, physical and chemical changes, and mixtures and solutions.

1st picture from left to right:

Giovanny Leon-Espinoza, Taylor Hutchison, Belinda Rodriguez, and Aiden Roberts

 2nd picture from left to right:

Ava Susanbach and Onekia Robinson