West DeFuniak Elementary had a fantastic time with Dr. Blake Brandes learning about Growth Mindset and Grit. 

Blake is a beatboxer, rapper and music producer.  He has presented to over 100,000 students, produced Top 40 radio songs and performed over 200 shows in Europe and the United States.  Blake has recently been asked to audition for America’s Got Talent for a second time. 

Student McKinzey King stated, "He taught us that the more you learn, the more your brain grows."  Avya Key said that she learned to never quit even when it is hard, and Maggie LeCroix learned that you might not be able to do something - YET, but keep trying.

Students experiences freestyle rap as Dr. Brandes asked them to name things they have had difficulty learning.  The freestyle included words such as reading, gymnastics, math, video games, soccer and basketball.  Through the influence of music and  hearing Blake’s story, students learned about having a growth mindset and the power of the word “yet”.