WE MUST ACT NOW!  Our county, businesses and especially our children are counting on YOU to ensure we have the federal funds to meet their needs.  Let’s all be E.P.I.C. and self-report for the good of Walton County!  Getting a complete and accurate count in 2020 requires everyone’s help. Please, if you have not done so, complete your 2020 census; it only takes 5-10 minutes and means much needed dollars in federal funding for infrastructure, hospitals, headstart, public schools and more.  If you have family members that have not reported encourage them to do so; if they need assistance, help them!  This is important and means improvements to our community and each of our lives.


In addition, it is paramount that our students’ parents are informed and challenged to complete their census.  We will be getting information cards to help promote this challenge to each of your schools by tomorrow. The cards may be handed out at pick-up, front desk or other areas your parents frequent.  If possible, have someone available that will help them complete the form; or refer them to me, the community outreach coordinator.   Please assure parents the Census Bureau does not disclose any personal information or use the information for any type of reporting.  I am including the website address for the online application and telephone numbers for phone questionnaires. Bilingual questionnaires are available for Spanish speakers.


BE COUNTED TODAY!   The deadline for completing your census is September 30, 2020.