West DeFuniak celebrated Literacy Week on January 24-29.  Each day, students were able to participate in activities to promote literacy.  On Monday, they received their READO chart (Reading Bingo!) which encouraged students to read outside, read in tents, with flashlights, with family members, and to read various genres.  They could turn in their completed charts for a candy prize and to have their names put in the drawing for a new book.  Over 130 charts were returned!!  Wednesday, students picked up Book Scoop activity sheets from the library, wrote summaries of their favorite books, and returned them for a sweet treat.  Book Scoops are displayed in the Media Center.  On Wednesday, students received free book marks when they came to the library to check out books.  Thursday, students were encouraged to score as many 100s on their AR quizzes.  They could bring proof of their achievement to the library to receive a candy prize.  Over 400 scores of 100 were made in one day! At the end of the day on Friday, Mrs. Shoaf ran an AR report to see which classes in each grade level had the highest AR average for the week.  These classes won a book prize, suckers, and a $10 Amazon Gift Card.