On Tuesday, November 19th, fourth and fifth grade classroom winners participated in the Schoolwide Tropicana Speaking Competition.  Parents, students, teachers, and judges were amazed by the well thought out speeches and the students' ability to present them to such a large group of people. Congratulations to each of these students!!!

Fourth Grade Winners

1st- Kyson Allen •••  The Tasmanian Devil

2nd- Makenna Anderson  •••  Addiction

3rd- Charles Allan Brooks  •••  Mad Scientists Throughout History

Fifth Grade Winners

1st- Annabel Hicks  •••  My Geographic Tongue

2nd- Carli Nowling •••  Sharks Anonymous

3rd- Calie Brackin  •••  Crocs


First and second place winners from our school competition will represent West DeFuniak at the District Tropicana Speaking Contest on December 12th at Freeport High School.