2023-2024 Science Fair

Last week's science fair was a hit, boasting 141 remarkable projects that showcased our commitment to innovation. Explore the captions to uncover the minds behind the award-winning projects!

3rd Grade Biological
1st Place: Evangeline Norton
Honorable Mention- Jacity Spaid

3rd Grade Physical
1st place: Paisley Buggs
2nd Place: Braylin Buggs
3rd Place: Micheala Randle
Honorable Mention- Deborah Toro Prodo

4th Grade Biological
1st Place: Molly Kathryn Tidwell
2nd Place: Emma Baker
Honorable Mention: Brooklyn Masonbrink 

4th Grade Physical
1st Place: Colton Martin
2nd Place: Max Hurley
3rd Place: Corbin Buggs
Honorable Mention: Henley Cosson 

5th Grade Biological
1st Place: Raylan Sheehan
2nd Place: Brixlee Allen
3rd Place: Britton Ingram
Honorable Mention: Ailea Harris & Sophie Guler

5th Grade Physical
1st Place: Karina Patel
2nd Place: Robert Alan Collins
3rd Place: Viance Edwards 
Honorable Mention: 
Malika Patel, Zoe Rosales, Jeremiah Thomas, Judith De La Rosa, Kayden Bertram, Scarlet Yates, Chelsea Currid, & Hannah Messer

Principal's Award: Kaydence Woods