WICOR Partnerships in 3rd Grade

This week third graders learned and practiced their reading and writing skills through WICOR Partnerships. WICOR Partnership is an AVID structure that provides students with a variety of partners who can provide feedback over an extended period.

In Mrs. Dupske's class, student partners collaborated to "PAT" down the prompt before writing a multi-paragraph expository essay. The P.A.T. strategy assists students in understanding a writing prompt by identifying the Purpose, Audience, and Task to develop a writing frame for a targeted response to the prompt.

Mr. Bullock's third grade students partnered to learn new vocabulary words that they will see on their next selection test. Using their new vocabulary words, student partners creatively applied their learning to write a story together. Each team read their stories to classmates. Afterwards, they engaged in a student-centered discussion on the stories that used the words appropriately.

Through these positive interactions of teamwork and shared responsibility, WDE third graders practiced the skills of communicating clearly and listening effectively with their peers.