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WDE Honors our Veterans

November 10, 2021

Students at West DeFuniak Elementary enjoyed a great presentation on Veterans Day today. Mr. Free led us in the pledge to the flag before the BeeBops sang the National Anthem and the song Thank You to honor our Veterans. Our guest speaker was Mr. Efrem Paul who is also our Cafeteria Manager. Mr. Paul served in the Army and shared that being a veteran cannot be inherited nor purchased. Mrs. Goodman, our Media Specialist, shared some new books on veterans and talked about the white table that has been in the media center. Mrs. Paul, our principal, spoke to students about being proud to be an American. She told students that no country is perfect, but America is still the greatest nation on earth. Thank you to all our veterans!!

Donuts with Grownups

November 5, 2021

Students at West DeFuniak Elementary were recently encouraged to participate in “Donuts with Grown-Ups.” This event gave students the opportunity to share tasty donuts and delightful conversations with someone they love. We hope that both students and the adults they chose to interview enjoyed this activity.


Students in Mrs. McKee’s 3rd Grade classroom at West Defuniak Elementary had an exciting time using Philosophical Chairs to share their opinion on a popular debate! Students read an article in their Storyworks magazine about a boy who is playing a lot of the game, Among Us. Students had to decide if he was playing too much and provide text evidence to defend their opinion. Students had a great time sharing their opinions with the class and even had 2 students change their opinion.
Aiming for Greatness is Caitlyn Permenter for making the 2022 Florida All-State Orff Ensemble. Caitlyn, a fifth grade student at WDE, and three other students from Walton County will travel to Tampa in January to perform with best elementary students in the State of Florida. Congratulations, Caitlyn, on this wonderful accomplishment!
Aiming for Greatness are the October Students of the Month at West DeFuniak. These students show great character and are doing their best in class. Great job, students.
Kindergarten- Scarlett Goff
1st Grade- Adan Luna Aguayo
2nd Grade- Aaron Cid
3rd Grade- Aralyn Seifert
4th Grade- Merlyn Gomez Cuc
5th Grade- Michael Quintana

Keep on Reading at WDE

October 15, 2021

Aiming for Greatness is Jakarri Hogans! Recently, West DeFuniak's third grade student, Jakarri, has been reading the series Bone by Jeff Smith. These books are about the Bone cousins and their hilarious adventures. He has read all TEN books in the series! Congratulations, Jakarri, on finishing this group of books! Now what is he going to read next?
Mr. Marvin Tweedy’s students at WDE have been working on chemical reactions. This week they experimented with Mentos and different Colas to see which one would have the best reaction. They determined that Strawberry Mentos and warm Diet Coke work better than Diet Dr. Pepper and a cold soda. This explosive chemical reaction is one that these students will remember!
Pictured students are Will Smith, Jadydiah Brown, Kyren Freeman, Anthony Sandoval, and Cooper Floyd.

Hands-On Learning at WDE

October 13, 2021

Hands-on activities let the students’ minds grow and learn!
Students in Mrs. Ellis’ second grade class at West DeFuniak Elementary demonstrate the molecules in a solid, liquid, and a gas. The students had a great time learning with this memorable lesson.
Pictured (LtoR) Kaybree McKee, Jackson Edwards, and Cameron Douglass