Congratulations to all of the WDE Science Fair Winners!  They had some amazing projects!

3rd Grade

Honorable Mention: “ Ice, Ice Baby” (Hamlett) Ruby George


3rd Place: “ White Rose Infusion” (Thomas) Evangelina Torres

2nd Place: “ Ant Snacks” (Thomas) Liam Adkinson

1st Place: “Grow, Grow, Gone” (Thomas) Katie Susenbach


3rd place: “What Clear Liquid Dissolves Candy Canes Fastest” (Callahan) Finley Kelley

2d place: “A Baker’s Query” (Thomas) Gracie Lawson

1st place: “Anchor or Beam Bridges” (Carnley) Cole Hardee

4th Grade


3rd Place: “Plants!” (Adkinson) Lacey Alford

2nd Place: “Dog Breeds and Behaviors” (Adams) Savana Waggoner

1st Place: “Color vs Taste” (Daniel) Ashton Black


3rd Place: “What Activator Will Make the Best Slime? (Adkinson) Josilynn Clenney

2nd Place: “Which Popcorn Brand Pops the Best” (Daniel) Raylee Gomillion

1st Place: “Skittles Color Science” (Daniel) Kinsleigh Nolen

5th Grade


Honorable Mention:

“Cabbage Patch” (Dickey) Liam Holley

3rd Place: “Boys vs Girls” (Garrett) Mallory Masonbrink

2nd Place: “Which Handwashing Method Kills the Most Germs?” (Stafford) Lucy George

1st Place: “Could You Remember?” (Currid) Calie Brackin

5th Grade


Honorable Mention:

“Environmental Effects on Kinetic Energy” (Stafford) Collin Dunnigan

“How Far Will it Fly?” (Garrett)) Cole Mitchell

3rd Place: “Horrendous Humidity” (Dickey) Mason Shelton

2nd Place: “Planets Orbital Speed” (Stafford) Kadence Houser

1st Place: “A Cloud’s Dripping Point” (Currid) Isabella Adkinson

Principal’s Award:

“The Water Works” (Bush) Dylan Gill