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MHS was happy to welcome back former students who are graduating from WHS this year. Students lined the halls as the returning Seniors walked through the school. We were so excited these students wanted to come "home" and show us what they have accomplished. Submitted by Elizabeth Gaither

WHS Senior visit to MHS

Students in Walton County have been working all year to prepare for their Algebra EOCs with the help of their teachers and utilizing a program called Math Nation. With their test dates just days always, “study experts” Darnell and Chelsea from Math Nation dropped by some of our secondary schools to encourage students to do their best. Students have been utilizing videos made by both Chelsea and Darnell in preparation for the EOCs. A visit from them truly brought their videos to life. Submitted by Lauren Moore

Math Nation 2019

Math Nation 2019

MSE's Got Talent!

May 13, 2019

“MSE’s Got Talent”

Each year, MSE showcases the many talents of our students by allowing them to perform on the morning show the last month of school.  The entire school enjoys seeing gymnasts, comedians, magicians, musicians, athletes, singers, and more, perform each day.  Every child in the school has the opportunity to sign up and perform for their peers.  Submitted by Krisy Spence

WHS Seniors visited Maude Saunders today to reminisce about their “Little Warrior” days and walk the halls as an inspiration to our current students.  This annual tradition always brings a lot of smiles, and a few tears, as we watch our former students reach this milestone.  We wish each and every one of them the best of luck!

WHS Seniors Visit MSE

WHS Seniors Visit MSE

WHS Seniors Visit MSE

Congratulations to Walton County School Board Member Marsha Winegarner upon receiving recognition for completion of the Certified Board Member Program. Ms. Winegarner received a special plaque at the May 7th school board meeting presented by Tina Pinkoson, Director of Leadership Services for the Florida School Board Association.
The CBM distinction is earned by completing a minimum of 96 hours of voluntary professional development designed specifically for Board members addressing topics from a policy leader’s perspective.
Ms. Pinkoson stated that the award “validates that your School Board members care about the students, and care about the job they have taken on!”
Congratulations, Ms Winegarner, on this award, and thank you for your dedication and commitment to the children of Walton County!

The WMS Civics Department is in full-swing preparing for students' upcoming Civics EOCA next week. Students worked collaboratively to pair historical political cartoons with brief descriptions cards and captions. This task challenged students to use their text analysis skills with background civics content knowledge in order to successfully match the pieces. Additionally, students were expected to verbally prove using text evidence that their matched pieces were paired correctly. The WMS Civics Department would like to thank their partnership with the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship and Dr. Charles Flanagan of the National Archives for providing us with this phenomenal review activity!  Submitted by Kristen Nelson

On Thursday, May 2nd, Walton Middle School welcomed over 150 students and parents to campus for "Middle School Jump," a Title 1 parent training night.  The event was geared exclusively for next year's sixth grade students to jumpstart a successful 2019-2020 school year.  The night began with dinner and entertainment, as WMS band students, under the direction of Mrs. Kamber Rafferty, showcased their talent on the lunchroom stage.  After Principal Jason Campbell warmly welcomed guests, families embarked on a journey through three rotations to learn what it takes to have a successful middle school experience.  Mr. Campbell and Mr. Hulion, the school's administrators, led one station, providing families with all kinds of exciting information about WMS.  Students also attended a grafitti brainstorming session that allowed them to get their questions, fears, and interests about starting middle school out in the open. Finally, families were able to walk through an informational fair and pick up flyers and talk to students and sponsors about all the exciting clubs, sports, electives, and activities WMS offers.  WMS upperclassmen and WHS Anchor and Key Club members also served as student representatives, assisting in each rotation, answering questions and welcoming guests with warm smiles and encouraging words.  WMS can't wait to start the 2019-2020 school year with all its fresh sixth grade faces. Submitted by Kristen Nelson

Middle School Jump WMS