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School is Back in Session

November 30, 2020

School is back in session after the much-needed Thanksgiving Holidays.  Superintendent Hughes stopped in at the WISE Center to ascertain that we are back to our routines of Success.  Pre-K and the In10sity Programs are setting the standard HIGH as usual. 

Big Day for the Bulldogs!

November 20, 2020

Big Day for the FHS Bulldogs!  Amidst a big playoff game tonight, the attention to detail by staff is unprecedented.  Superintendent Hughes saw firsthand the challenge of our new ILDA model in Ms. Griffith’s Spanish class.  Having to balance, keep engaged, and monitor the work of on-site learners in a World Language Class is more than multi-task teaching to say the least, but our teachers are making it happen.  Also, saw Mr. Phillips come out and clean his door handle between classes.  The all time favorite Caged Bird Sings by Mayou Angelou was being analyzed in ELA.  How about this student leader sporting a tie through the halls?  Bulldog Country as Superintendent Hughes estimates 80-85% of students were wearing masks, led by Mrs. Simmons, Mr. Michie and 100% of office staff when social distancing is not possible.  This is why our quarantine numbers are great compared to other districts.  Not political or personal for our schools, just taking care of each other!  We call this EPIC3!  GO DOGS, GO DOGS, GO DOGS!

Apple Pie Making at WISE

November 20, 2020

Mrs. Savannah Infinger is teaching all about apples and how to make apple pies in the dramatic play area. 

Re-opening Update for Parents 11/20/20

I want to wish all families a Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope everyone enjoys their well-deserved week off from school!  Please remember the luxury we have from starting school when we did.  Because we did not push our opening even further, we are able to keep our existing school calendar, which includes the entire week off for Thanksgiving, which will not take days from your family!  Thank you for understanding and supporting that decision when it was made with you in mind! 

Please click the link below for the full update.

An amazing visit to FMS to share in a Cross Curricular activity shared by World Cultures and Agriculture classes lead by Coaches Wassman, Smallwood, and Mayer.  They are Educators who coach!  The students led the discussion, answered Superintendent Hughes’ questions, and dove deep into detailed Florida Standards.  Check the cafeteria photograph that captured social distancing.  Alert, FMS may be the leading school with wearing mask or social distancing.  Superintendent Hughes estimated 95-98% of students were wearing masks in the hallways.  Go Dogs!!!!!

Learning is FUN in the WCSD!

November 19, 2020

Anyone that says learning is “NOT FUN” has NEVER visited FES where Superintendent Hughes observed a game of Around the World using math problems where Katelin Won!  PE was super fun using music to make sure students are active, stretching, and learning the need to keep the body moving.  Kindergarteners were learning rectangle as a shape through Art and Forth Graders were learning the difference between Pollination and Fertilization.  It’s Final…..Learning is FUN in the WCSD and FES exemplified it in EPIC fashion!

“People learn most when teaching others.” –Peter F. Ducker

WMS seventh grade math teacher Mrs. Makala Ellenburg strives to make learning both straightforward and challenging for her students.  During instruction, Mrs. Ellenburg guides students toward standards-based understanding using the AVID note process.  She models how to work problems and walks students through the thinking processes involved.  She then allows students timed practice opportunities to work problems independently.  As they work, she circulates the room, checking answers and awarding tickets to those with the correct answers and work.  She then selects students to work out the problems and explain their thinking to their peers.  These students also earn tickets for their work.  At the end of class, Mrs. Ellenburg holds a prize drawing for all ticket recipients.  Mrs. Ellenburg creates an environment for students to OWN their learning while having fun doing it.

Superintendent Hughes made a visit to Brave Country where he served as principal for 10 years, had a chance to see some amazing advanced math coursework that will challenge the best students at the highest cognitive level! EPIC leadership and teamwork happening in these halls!  Also, spent some time in the band room welcoming new band teacher Mr. Austin and some of the most talented musically gifted students in the state. Shout out to the Tuba section (instrument Mr. Hughes played in Middle School)!