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One of our COVID Mitigation strategies was to buy computers (1 to device model) for All of our middle school students.  Superintendent Hughes did a walk through at the largest middle school in Walton County to see how these devices were being used and enhancing the educational experience for children.  Delight is an understatement to see the ease by which our students navigated under clear directions from teachers in their use, operation, and support of these devices.  Did a quick detour into our Entrepreneurship class to show the world that if devices are not available, business minded students use ingenuity to create games, structures, and competitions to raise money for a worthy cause.  Our students are learning life skills that will benefit for a Lifetime!  EPIC3 for sure…..Hanging on and Gaining on!  #love the fact that Principal Drake calls every student by name…..EPIC!

Extraordinary Visit to FMS

November 3, 2020

What an extraordinary visit to FMS Superintendent Hughes had.  The new Life Long Learning work the Agriculture Program lead by Coaches Smallwood and Wassman is “Booming”.  The students are excitedly growing knowledge wide and literally growing products for human consumption that will benefit them personally and perhaps nationally in the future.  Cross curriculum collaboration likewise has become a greater element in the students’ academic growth process.  As Mrs. Estes art class was about to embark on a Pendulum Painting project in an area ag classes cleared for them, but the wind was to high to have an effective experience.  We “Mmmmmm Good” to the salad these students grew and ate grown at their school and “Hmmmmmmm Good” to the great education that is happening alongside these Life Long Skills. 

The last week of October is nationally recognized as the week for celebration of Red Ribbon Week. This week school across the district scheduled special events to bring awareness to students and the community about the dangers of drugs.  The National Family Partnership sponsors the National Red Ribbon Week Observation encouraging citizens across our nation to work together to keep our children, families and communities safe.  During the week of October 23-31st  schools observed Red Ribbon week in their own way with door contests, art contests or wearing the color red. Freeport Elementary students show their commitment to the Red Ribbon theme “Be Happy. Be Brave. Be Free.” by wearing red to be “Red-y” to say no to drugs and dressing up in their future drug-free career choice costumes.

Freeport Elementary Students Celebrate Red Ribbon Week with “Red-y to say No, to drugs,” bracelets.

Freeport Elementary Students in Ms. Gantenbein’s Class Celebrates Red Ribbon week career dress-up day!

Superintendent Hughes stopped in at MSE to see great academic work going on in 3rd and 4th grade classrooms.  Math counting and measuring of volumes were standards being covered.  Students were wearing mask and social distance was being honored.  We are doing this TOGETHER; over 86% students in our brick and mortar schools is evidence of our complete collaboration will ALL stakeholders.  EPIC for sure!!!!!  Great job Mrs. Neale, teachers, and staff at MSE!!!!! A great visit today. 

Superintendent Hughes also checked in on our ILDA students while visiting MSE.  WOW our teachers are making it happen!!

MHS students and staff dressed up in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math vocabulary words to show that they are too smart to start! Students chose a STEM word, a word that is related to or used in STEM , and then created a costume to represent that word. Students also made signs to represent and explain their vocabulary word. This activity was part of Red Ribbon Week.

Ms. Kathy Russ believes it is essential to not only teach academic but also practical skills to her students, and that when combined, the two can lead to loads of fun.  This week, students learned about the human body and made noodle skeletons.  They also learned how to bake bread and concoct mummy pizza.  And to add to the excitement, Ms. Russ led the class in making magnetic slime, proving that both learning and fun ooze from her room.