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Tuesday, August 27, during BRAG, the 8th graders pictured were recognized for scoring a level FIVE on the FSA-Grade 7-Math. Special recognition was given to Noah Morgan, who received the highest score in the entire grade.
Group Picture: Back Row (L to R) - Hydie Varnum, Aliana Anderson, Zoe Orange, Gavin Johnson, Collin Stewart, Mary Fleming, Hunter Lambert, Madison Falk, Gracie Geoghagan, and Ricky Hammingh. Front Row (L to R) - Kassie Bizek, Addie Cook, Deerlyn Guzman-Lopez, Noah Morgan, Arielle Del Castillo, and Kaley Norris.
(NOT PICTURED: Colten Phillips)
Noah Morgan PAX
Pictured:  Noah Morgan

The Paxton HS Baseball team held it's 7th Annual Jake's Bobcat Open at Blackstone Golf Course on August 24th, 2019. Bobcat Baseball holds this event in memory of one of their assistant coaches, Jake Taylor, who passed away after a fight with cancer. The Bobcats donate each year to two organizations that were instrumental in Coach Taylor's treatment and care: Cancer Freeze and Pilots for Christ. Both organizations will receive $500 this year from the Bobcat Baseball Team.

Paxton Golf Team Fundraiser

Paxton Golf Team Fundraiser         

Paxton Golf Team Fundraiser

Superintendent visits with students during lunch at SWHS. The Art Club entertained potential members, and shared the value of being involved at school. The other students were enjoying their 12th Day Of school and love SWHS! 
EPIC3 in motion during the Third Week! Superintendent Hughes loves seeing the babies in their element!

Supt Hughes Visits SWHS

EPIC Math Lesson at WDE

August 27, 2019

Fifth grade students at WDE have been learning about ordering decimals. This week the fifth graders visited the library to get some hands-on practice with a real life application of their skills. After a short review on how to order decimals, students were asked to put their skills to the test by putting non-fiction library books in order using the Dewey Decimal System. Mrs. Goodman talked to the students about learning all that they can while they are in school, because students will use these skills in the future. Students also enjoyed participating in a challenge to see who could put the books in the correct order the fastest. Relevant learning and student engagement made for an EPIC3 learning experience!!

In seventh grade Civics classes across the state of Florida, students study the roles, rights, and responsibilities of United States citizens.  On Friday, August 23rd, students in Mrs. Katie Williams' and Ms. Regina Messer's classes interacted with their peers to enhance their content knowledge in a collaborative carousel activity. 

In small groups, students rotated around the room, like a carousel, to different scenario cards and had to closely and carefully read and determine whether the situation described is a citizen's "obligation" or "responsibility."  Students then had to provide a summary sentence of key ideas from the scenario and then list evidence to support their rationale.  The teachers guided students to look for key words and phrases, like "must," "everyone," "required," and "you can."  They also told them to ask themselves, "Is there a consequence described?"  (If not, then it is probably a responsibility.) 

This engaging activity built students' content knowledge through writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and inquiry (WICOR) tasks--a foundation of AVID-style learning at WMS.  It also helped equip students with fundamental knowledge about their roles and duties as United States citizens--knowledge that will prove beneficial to them for the rest of their lives.

Submitted by Kristen Nelson

WMS Civics          WMS Civics         WMS Civics

WMS Civics    WMS Civics   WMS Civics

Shout out to Mrs. Stephenson’s leadership class at WHS who recently participated in a "Tower of Pasta" challenge.  Each group held the max weight for the same time before breaking.  One tower was 10-1/2 inches vs. the other tower which was 8-1/2 inches.

Great collaboration, critical thinking, and team work were shown in this hands-on Odyssey of the Mind-type challenge.

Submitted by Christy English

WHS Tower of Pizza Challenge

WHS Tower of Pizza Challenge

Heroism is a concept that has been explored in society and culture throughout time--a concept that continues to be worthy of study in ELA classes at Walton Middle School. The first unit in the eighth grade Springboard curriculum introduces the challenge of heroism. Because the word "hero" is used daily--in school, conversations, movies, video games, news, daily life--it is worthy of exploring.

In Ms. Alex Rhodes' classes this year, students are taking the time to reflect on what heroism really means as a societal and cultural concept. On WICOR Wednesday, these eighth graders spent time analyzing how a film--Disney's Big Hero 6--uses the hero's journey to structure its plot. Students closely and carefully watched the film to identify stages of the hero's journey. Ms. Rhodes' students organized their thoughts (a key WICOR concept) using a graphic organizer, recording details from the film that aligned to each stage of the archetypal hero's journey. During Wednesday's lesson, students carefully traced how the film's hero, Hiro, faces a series of challenges that become increasingly difficult as the story unfolds, mapping out the hero's "Beginning of Adventure," "Road of Trials," and "Experience with Unconditional Love." After pausing the film, Ms. Rhodes instructed students to "turn and talk," collaborating with their classmates about how key details from the film support the hero's archetype.

WICOR strategies were in full force throughout the lesson, as students "read" the film as a text, as they wrote down key details and analysis in their graphic organizers, and as they collaborated with their peers to articulate their thoughts. Students at WMS practice these essential skills across campus each and every day--but especially on WICOR Wednesdays.
Submitted by Kristen Nelson

WICOR Wednesday at WMS

Freeport High School students in Jason Burnham's AP Computer Science class collaborated to invent their own “number system” with symbols and rules for getting from one pattern to another. Computers store information using number systems. All commands from a user must be translated into numbers by the computer's number system. We look forward to seeing Mr. Burnham's students succeed on their AP exams in May.
Submitted by Brian Michie

FHS AP Comp Science

FMS is so incredibly proud of these five students! They received perfect scores on the FSA‘s! Congratulations and keep up the hard work! Go Bulldogs!