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Leana Andrews

Lena Andrews serves South Walton High School as their receptionist.  She is the first person visitors meet when calling in or entering the doors of SWHS. This is her first year with our District. Leana enjoys reading and researching her favorite topics, shopping for the arrival of her first child, and eating. Leana says she is excited about the arrival of her daughter and wants to be the best mother possible. Thank you, Ms. Andrews for supporting the children of Walton County School District!

Margaret Porter

Margaret Porter serves South Walton High School as a custodian. She works to ensure the students and staff of South Walton High School have a clean and safe place to study and work. She has been with our District for four years and during the summer, will often work at other district sites. Ms. Porter has three girls and enjoys listening to jazz music, cooking, and decorating home.  Thank you, Ms. Porter, for supporting the children of Walton County School District!

Theresa Brown

Theresa Brown serves South Walton High School as a custodian, along with her crew-mates she helps to maintain an orderly environment for students and staff.  Ms. Brown has two girls and has served our District for five years. Ms. Brown loves to laugh and shares her smile with everyone! She is an avid fisherperson and an excellent cook. Thank you, Ms. Brown, for supporting the children of Walton County School District!

The Walton County School District would like to applaud our school counselors and recognize their efforts especially during National School Counselor Week, February 7-11, 2022.  Our school counselors' contributions to our schools and the lives of students through their advice, encouragement, knowledge, kindness, and professionalism are immeasurable in helping students achieve school success and plan for a future. 

The Walton County School District proudly showcases Ashley Caylor from Seaside Neighborhood School.  Mrs. Caylor is in her second year as school counselor with Seaside Neighborhood School. She attended the University of North Georgia, as well as Capella University.  When asked why Mrs. Caylor decided to become a school counselor she replied, "In middle school, I was fortunate enough to be selected as a peer helper.  I loved watching my peers grow and learn through skill building exercises, mending peer relationships through mediation, and curating a better environment overall for my school.  That stuck with me so much that I decided I wanted to experience that on a grander scale as a school counselor.  Now that it is my career, I love getting to build positive relationships with my students, identifying academic, emotional, and social needs, and setting up support systems at Seaside Neighborhood School so that our students feel supported and can strive for success here.  Getting to start my career with the most fantastic students is such a blessing, and I love getting to be their school counselor!" 

Please make sure to reach out to your school counselor with some kind words of gratitude for all they do for you, your school and community.

Here Comes the Bus!

February 7, 2022

Here Comes the Bus -  A School Bus Tracking App for Parents

Tracking Features Shows the real-time location of your child’s bus on a map

Gives scheduled and actual arrival times at home and school for bus routes

Provides push and email notifications when the bus is near

Sign Up Instructions For Parents: 1.Download Here Comes the Bus app or visit 2.Click the “Sign Up” button.  3. Enter school code 79381 and click “Next” followed by “Confirm.”  4. Complete the “User Profile” box 5. Under “My Students,” click “Add.” Enter your child’s last name and student ID number.  6. Once you confirm your information, you’re ready to begin.

Click the links below for more information.  

Having Problems Signing up???  Click the link below.

Sydni Free will be competing for a STATE CHAMPIONSHIP this Saturday! Sydni is the first member of the girls weightlifting team in FHS history to compete at the state level. She will be competing at Port St Joe High School at 2:30pm EST. 


Katina Lee Serves Maude Saunders Elementary, West DeFuniak Elementary, Walton Middle School and Walton High School. She has been in our district 11 years serving as a District transportation professional and substitute cafeteria worker for Walton Middle School.  Ms. Lee is married and has 3 girls.  In her spare time you might catch her working on a new craft or decorating her home. Thank you, Mrs. Lee for supporting children.


Melinda Goodson serves Mossy Head School, Richbourg Middle, Crestview, and God’s Special Angels as a third party commercial driver.  She has been in our district 11 years as a District transportation professional.  Along with her bus driving duties Ms. Goodman trains new drivers. She is married with 4 boys.  She loves helping people, driving her school bus, spending time with her family and sharing the Gospel, sports and fishing. Thank you, Mrs. Goodson for supporting children.

EPIC NEVER relies on past accomplishments but demands 4wRd Thinking, 4wRd Movement and 4wRd actions.  Your WCSB spent the past two days in Tallahassee, walking the halls, sitting with Lawmakers and their staffs to make sure our Leaders in the State Capitol knew what needed to be known about Walton County and the children we serve!  A Full Day of meetings, conversations, shared concerns and collaboration with State Leaders was the intended agenda and citizens there is NO DOUBT your Board and Superintendent were voices for you!  Thanks, Board, for making sure EPIC is known statewide and you represented it well this week.  Special thanks to:

The Honorable Brad Drake

The Honorable George Gainer

The Honorable Patt Maney

Gov. Desantis’ Office just to name a few.


Kelly Wells Horton

What a Day!  EPIC 4wRd!!!!!

COVID Update February 4, 2022

In the spirit of transparency, the Walton County School District (WCSD) will continue to update our stakeholders with COVID-19 data for the 2021-2022 school year. 

COVID-19 Statistics

Single Day Data


% of total population (students and staff ~ 13,000)

Overall Data to Date

(8/10/21 – 2/3/22)

% of total population (students and staff ~ 13,000)

Positive COVID-19 Cases

of School District Students and/or Employees






Quarantined Due to On Campus Exposure of School District Students and/or Employees






Quarantined Due to Off Campus Exposure (Community/Family Exposure) of School District Students and/or Employees






Schools Involved in Positive Cases and/or Exposure







Walton County School District COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies for the 2021-2022 School Year

  1. If a person is sick (students, teachers, staff, and visitors), they should stay home.
  2. Face covering is optional for all, including the bus.
  3. Hand sanitizer is available at various areas inside the school.
  4. Social distancing from others is encouraged as much as possible.
  5. Signs will be displayed to remind those in schools about social distancing, as well as the use of hand sanitizer, washing of hands, and face coverings.
  6. Cleaning and disinfecting school facilities/buses which are occupied by students will be done daily.
  7. Adequate mitigation supplies are on hand at all schools/facilities (hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, masks, etc.).
  8. COVID-19 vaccination is optional for all students and employees.
  9. COVID-19 contact tracing is occurring in all schools/facilities (2021-2022 WCSD Decision Tree for employees and students).
  10. At this time non-essential visitors and volunteers are not allowed to enter schools. This mitigation strategy will be revisited in the next few weeks.

*Please keep in mind that although COVID positive cases may represent a student or staff member within the WCSD, it does not necessarily indicate that the virus originated within the WCSD.  It is also important to note that a portion of the positive cases involve individuals who may have never entered the school setting while sick due to proper quarantining. 


WCSD Showcase Brenda Jackson

February 2, 2022

WCSD Observes Black History Month     


Brenda A. Jackson serves West DeFuniak, Maude Saunders, Walton Middle, Walton High and the Wise Center as a District transportation professional.  Ms. Jackson is a graduate of the Walton County School District has 2 adult children and enjoys fishing in her spare time.  Thank you, Ms. Jackson for supporting children.

All-County Honor Band

February 2, 2022

All-County Honor Band was held at Freeport High School on Tuesday, January 25, 2022. 

The musical event showcased Band students throughout the Walton County School District as they came together as one. They experienced music-making in a large ensemble setting with peers from other schools in the district and worked with two highly qualified guest conductors in a setting other than their own classroom.  

Middle School Clinician – Eddie Steadman 

High School Clinician – Jeff Adams 

February is CTE Month!

February 1, 2022

WCSD is excited to celebrate and highlight the value of CTE and the achievements and accomplishments of CTE programs across our schools. CTE offers a way for students to gain skills and earn certifications in some of Florida’s most critical and desirable industries. Unlike traditional higher education, CTE programs can set individuals on the right path in less time with less cost. That means they can get into a career today without the worry of debt tomorrow. For more information, please visit or