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Our little explorers at Bay School are learning all about community helpers! Today, October 8, members of the South Walton Fire Department came to teach us all about fire safety!!!! Thank you!!! We LOVE our community helpers!!!

SWFD at Bay School

SWFD Visits Bay School

Congratulations to this year’s Walton High School Homecoming Court attendants & escorts!

WHS Homecoming 2019

L to R: Alexis Hensley, Jarek Lindsey, Sarya Johnson, Trey Atlow, Alionna Jones, Daktris McCall, Daisha Cunningham, David Goldsmith

WHS Homecoming 2019


L to R: Asia McCaskill, Alex Lacey, Paige Crews, Evan McBroom, Jada Fretwell, Will Ealum

WHS Homecoming 2019

L to R: Icecess Trammell, Scott Anderson, Jayda Siples, Keylin Reed, Jasmine Wilson, Tre'Joun Brinson

WHS Homecoming 2019

L to R: Caitlyn Johnson, Ben King, Sarah Brannon, Patton Bell, Emilice Morales, Austin Thacker, Caslyn Cole, Hunter Smith, Shelbee Castrillo, Lorenzo Moidus-Santini, Aaliyah Fields, Colton Gomez, Jessica Gray, Davian Lindsey
(Not pictured: Jenna Adams & Will Campbell)

The presentation of the Court will begin on Friday, October 18, at 6:30 p.m., and the Queen & King will be announced after the presentation of the Court and immediately before the football game.

If you thought Iron Man’s flight was just for sci-fi, you’ll want to check out the guest speaker at Paxton School last week from UK based company Gravity, where they have developed a jet suit that literally allows mankind to fly. Yes, you read that right.

Sam Rogers, a pilot for Gravity, showed a group of 8th grade science students the groundbreaking technology via teleconference from across the pond last week. The jet suit includes jets on each arm and one larger jet on the back that allows the suit to travel up to 70 miles per hour. Students were treated to a tour of the design workshop at Gravity headquarters where Rogers emphasized the role that the engineering design process has played in the different iterations of the jet suit as the team has repeatedly re-designed and retested the suit to improve performance.

After showing students how many parts of the jet suit are created through 3D printing, including arm mounts and the electronic housing, Rogers, who is an additive design lead at Gravity, encouraged students to try their hand at engineering their own ideas through 3D printing. “I encourage you to really try out 3D printing,” he said. “You can design anything you want, test it, and iterate it until you get what you want.”

A huge thank you to Rogers and Gravity for sharing this phenomenal technology and inspiring our students do EPIC things!

Space Suit Paxton

MSE held a “Looking, Listening, and Learning through Literacy” Title 1 Family Engagement Night on October 3rd. Over 145 families participated in fun Literacy activities throughout the school, earned HOUSE points, and strengthened their Literacy skills.

This week, Mrs. Hall's Humanities class as Paxton presented their Egyptian projects to the rest of the school. Other classes were able to come through the halls and view the Humanities students in Egyptian clothing and their artwork. submitted by Kalli McMillan

Humanities Ancient Egypt to Paxton

Humanities Ancient Egypt to Paxton

Superintendent A. Russell Hughes shares his WCSD Monthly Video Update for October, 2019!

This month's video was filmed at Paxton School where Superintendent Hughes welcomes and introduces new Paxton principal, Brent Jones. Superintendent Hughes reminds parents of important dates for the end of the first 9 weeks of school, and the Walton County Fair. Mr. Hughes also shares some exciting news about our newly recognized "Schools of Excellence."

Shout-out to WHS students Kerilyn Shaw, Abby Santana, and Micheal Kelly for participating in this year’s Coastal Cleanup Day!  Together, they picked up over 300 pieces of trash and debris In an effort to keep our beaches clean.