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MSE students focused on Teamwork during their most recent HOUSE meeting.  All 5 HOUSES worked to complete tasks that require teamwork to accomplish.  The older students also learned Leadership skills by helping the younger ones complete the task.  The HOUSE system helps to create a culture of belonging and support among our students.


Superintendent Hughes visited Dune Lakes Elementary School on Friday.  He stopped by for a visit as DLE wrapped up their Red Ribbon Week.  DLE celebrated being drug free by wearing jerseys on Fan Friday.

What a Fun Day at Bay School

October 31, 2022

What a Fun Day at Bay School.  Mrs. Pam Jones, the teachers and parent volunteers helped make “The Best Day Ever” as stated by a student while participating in Fall Festival Fun Day.  Students had a blast at different stations while using their fine motor skills and learning opportunities!  EPIC fruition of planning to implementation from the start of a students’ educational experience in Walton County.  EPIC!!  

Get On-Go On

"Greeking Out" at DLE

October 28, 2022

4th and 5th grade students in Mrs. Flowers’ class at Dune Lakes Elementary School ended their Ancient Greece Unit with a “Greeking Out” party. Throughout the course of the unit, students learned about the history, architecture, people, and lifestyles of Ancient Greece through various research projects and hands-on engineering activities. At the party, students performed skits about Ancient Greece and a guest chef taught students how to make the Greek dish, hummus. 

Superintendent Hughes stopped to check on a bus parked and to surprise students on their way home from a day of high expectations and learning.  Sharon Santiago was writing a note to a parent when the Superintendent stopped to check on them.  The students were excited and could not resist the opportunity to have their photo taken.  EPIC is the way!  Get On-Go On!

Mrs. Emily Kent tasked her AVID elective students with the mission to construct a complete, freestanding ring using only a can of Pringles and their ingenuity. It was up to each group to use AVID’s Goal, Plan, Action (GPA) framework when approaching the task. Afterwards, students debriefed to reflect on their collaborative strengths and identify areas for improvement.


One tribe, one mission, building RELATION-CHIPS and collaboration in AVID.



Congratulations Seahawks!  Superintendent Hughes was at South Walton last night to support our Seahawks Volleyball. South Walton defeated Keystone Heights in the first round of regionals last night.  They will head to Jacksonville Bolles this Friday.  Go Seahawks.  Get On-Go On!!!!!

Walton County Schools Participate in City Government Week

City Government Week -   October 17 - 21\

Last week was City Government week.   Walton Middle School Social Studies Teachers, Paul Baur and  Tracie Jordan welcomed city officials to speak to their 

classes regarding the work done by city leaders and the importance of being knowledgeable of local government occurrences.   Mayor Robert Campbell and City Manager 

Robert Thompson were among those presenting.