Dune Lakes Elementary School celebrated their fifth graders in a promotion ceremony on Monday, May 24th. Students and guests were welcomed to an outdoor ceremony on the school’s north lawn and basketball courts where each student was presented a certificate of promotion to sixth grade. 

Fifth grade student Levi Peterson read poem “Let No One Steal Your Dreams” by Paul Cookson, the school choir, the Sandpiper Singers, sang a piece from their Spring Concert.

 An extra special thank you to Sandpiper Boosters who secured Epic Photo, Co. to provide a complimentary photo for each student with their family. 

Principal Chavers left students with thoughtful remarks like “look up” from your device or screen to be present in life happening around you and to be kind to one another. 

While the 2020-2021 fifth grade class was the second to promote to sixth grade from the new campus, opened in 2019, it was the first to be formally recognized in an on campus ceremony.  

Our Dune Lakes family is so proud of this fifth grade class and wish them the very best as they prepare for middle school!