Congratulations to all of our Science Fair Winners for 2018  2019 !!!

3rd Grade 


3rd Place:  “ Bubblicious”    (Fuentes)   Taylor Hutchinson 

2nd Place:   “Music & Dogs”           (Fuentes)                Savannah Waggoner 

1st Place:  “Hand Soap & Hand Sanitizer”     (Collins)          Lacey Alford  



3rd place: “Popcorn”    (Adkinson)Ashton Black  

2d place:  “Skittles”    (Byrd)                         Sheyla Morales 

1st place:  “Natural Sunlight vs Artificial”   (Collins)              Gracie Partridge 

4th Grade            


3rd Place:  “Germs are everywhere!”     (McLaney) Destiney Waggoner 

2nd Place:  “Daisies for Days”   (McLaney)             Carli Nowling        

1st Place:  “Everyone Needs Oxygen”      (Hicks)        Janki Patel 



Honorable Mention:   

Pucker Up”             (McLaney)  Raegan Wright 

3rd Place: “Which Brand of Popcorn Pops? (Daniel) Coleman Ray) 

2nd Place:  “The Devastating Earthquake”  (McLaney)  Cole Mitchell 

1st Place:  “How to Turn Milk Into Plastic”   (Hicks)        Riley Mann 


5th Grade    


Honorable Mention: 

Which Bail Catches the Most Fish?”           (Allen)     Wiley Adams 

 Camouflage       (Bush)     Payton Conroy     

3rd Place:  “Effects of Sugar on Plant Growth  (Currid)      Spence Spires 

2nd Place:  “Is the Grass Always Greener?”(Allen)     Rhiannon Fountain 


*1st Place:  “Music Affects”                                            (Currid)                  Camden Zodrow 

*1st Place: “Bacterial Culture Club”                              (Allen)                    Ava Susenbach 


5th Grade      


Honorable Mention: 

The Mighty Protector”(Garrett)Chelsey Robertson 

Orbeez Grow in What?” (Garrett))Avionnah Padgett 

“Freeze”                                                      (Currid)        Ethan Floyd 

“Gummy Bear Osmosis”                           (Tweedy)     Truitt Wilbur 

3rd Place: “Chemical Changes”               (Currid)      John Martin 

2nd Place:  Apple Oxidation”                 (Allen )       Chloe Appel 

1st Place:  “Voltaic Batteries”           (Stafford)Roger Coon 


Principal’s Award: 

“What’s in Your Water?”                         (Currid)        Kiley Brooks