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Van R. Butler Elementary school was proud to host the Florida Department of Education Bureau of School Improvement in a regional convening on June 4 and 5, 2018.  As part of FLDOE's Differentiated Accountability program, regional teams of school improvement specialists are placed in five geographic regions across the state to provide on-the-ground support to district administrators, instructional coaches, and school leadership teams.

Superintendent A. Russell Hughes welcomed the team with a powerpoint overview of district accomplishments, perspective of the general demographic, and photo gallery of the district.  Closing remarks from the 2 day event were presented by Chancellor Hershel Lyons.

Parents and guests of Mrs. Michie's third grade class at Butler Elementary were delighted to visit a student created wax museum in their classroom. Each child selected a historical icon to research and shared details in a short speech. Student-made backdrops provided a perfect setting for each character.  Submitted by Tammy Smith



Bounce houses, water balloons, and cotton candy were just a few of the treats enjoyed by students who were recognized for achieving attendance goals at Butler Elementary!  Students who had perfect attendance were rewarded each month throughout the year, and were then treated to time at the grand finale “awesome attendance” celebration!   Submitted by Tammy Smith


Butler Elementary fourth graders Claire Sherwood and Sutton Drake were recognized at the end of year Recognition Ceremony for achieving unprecedented reading goals. The two students had a “friendly” competition all year, and when the results came in Claire read the most words (over 6 million!), and Sutton earned the most AR points. Congratulations Claire and Sutton! 

Submitted by Tammy Smith

Cheers and congratulations were heard throughout the halls of Butler Elementary School as fourth graders made their traditional “final walk.”  Students and staff lined the hallways to wish them well.  Best of luck to these students as they head to Middle School! Submitted by Tammy Smith


These six aerospace students at Paxton High School have earned their final industry certification to complete the aerospace career academy. Earning the Visual Line of Sight Systems Operations certification from the Unmanned Safety Institute was an arduous task that included both a written exam, sixteen drone flight hours, and a final performance exam to prove their skills. Congrats on both earning these certifications and completing the program! 

Submitted by Heather Stewart

Walton County School District provides tips to help parents  strengthen their child's academic success.   This video presented by Walton High School Assistant Principal Nathan Smith, focuses on some important details that will help parents make informed decisions regarding their child's education.  

Third grade Multiplication Masters at West Defuniak Elementary celebrated all their hard work on Wednesday. Students who mastered all of their multiplication facts earned admittance to the Multiplication Blowout Fiesta! There, students enjoyed roasted corn, tacos, nachos, and all the extras.  These kiddos are ready for 4th grade! Submitted by Jessica Dawkins.